Fic: "The Light From Seven Hills" (SPN, Sam Winchester, Gen)

Title: The Light From Seven Hills
Author: hossgal
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG
Character/Pairing: Sam Winchester (various female characters), bob (bob = Gen, with some sexual content)
Words: 2850
Spoilers/Warnings: Through 3X05 "Bedtime Stories" 3x11 "Mystery Spot"; a multitude of religious references
Disclaimer, etc: Not mine, feedback of all sorts welcome, will be posted to Ghost Hunters eventually.

AN: Written for ninebillion's prompt ficathon. The prompt was "Kyrie eleison. Christi eleison." It's a day late, my apologies. More notes at the end.

Summary: Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of little children, and Dean Winchester is not his father's only son.
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Fic: and they called it peace (Greek Mythology; written for raedbard)

Title: and they called it peace
Author: Drea (bluerosefairy/d_generate_girl)
Rating: PG. Seriously, there is nothing offensive in here, unless you're offended by mixing religions, in which case, you probably shouldn't be in this comm.
Fandom: Greek Mythology/Various World Religions.
Disclaimer: I really, really don't own any of this, because it would be rather presumptuous and stupid to claim ownership of a fictional personification of a cultural myth and a largely-invented place. Dante Alighieri wrote the Divine Comedy, and did all the hard work on how Hell could be laid out. I'm just working off his concepts.
Word Count: 2795.
Author's Note: Written for raedbard in the ninebillion ficathon: Request 5: Wildcard: Greek mythology: Hades (the god rather than the place, just in case the prompt confuses the interpretation). Kingdom: the shapes, sounds, tastes of the Underworld. Title and summary from a quote by the Roman historian Tacitus. And of course, much love and thanks to carla_scribbles, my favorite sounding-board, beta, and braintwin, who puts up with my every insane whim with much more grace than I'd manage in her place.
Summary: "Pax Romana; where they made a desolation, and they called it peace."

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FIC: What Was Before (for Azarsuerte)

Title:  What Was Before
Author: Raggedy Edge
Fandom: Firefly

Summary:  Azarsuerte requested a story fleshing out Book's backstory and how a killer might become a man of God.  This is my humble take on it.  

Authors notes:  I actually had more ideas on what happened in the abbey than what came before, so it took me awhile to get this one going, but I hope that it was what you were looking for!  Also, HUGE thanks to Rachel for the beta, you kept me on course and I owe you big time.  Any defects are mine.  


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FIC: Pacino's Way (NCIS, for raggedy_edge)

Title: Pacino's Way
Author: Azar
Fandom: NCIS
Spoilers: general ones through season 5, just to be on the safe side
Characters: Tony; mentions of pretty much everyone else
Length: 3274 words
Written for: darling_lisa, who requested: Tony Dinozzo. In the name of the Father, the Son, and Michael Corleone. Strength and faith come to people in many different forms. This is what came to me: I hope it's what you were looking for! *crosses fingers*
Acknowledgments: medie for providing both beta services and morale boosting all through the process of writing this.
Disclaimer: Neither the NCIS nor the movie characters mentioned herein are mine. Al Pacino isn't either, but this should surprise no one.
Author's Note: Ironically enough, I have never seen *any* of the movies highlighted in this story, and have unfortunately been too busy to watch them in preparation for it. I did extensive research on them all via Wikipedia, IMDB and other sources, and I hope that's enough, but I apologize sincerely if I made any glaring errors. I also thought about switching gears to movies I *had* seen, but Tony wouldn't hear of it. This is the story he wanted to tell, I just hope I did a halfway decent job of channeling it.
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Rao's Little Cousin for isilweth

Fandom: Smallville (spoilers for 1st half of S7)
Characters: Clark, Kara
Rating: G (Suitable for All Ages)
Word Count: 1329 words
Summary: One sunny afternoon, Clark learns something more about Krypton and his cousin, Kara.
Disclaimers: It's not mine. I know it, you know it. *sigh*
Author's Note: This was a happy chance for me to pinch-hit for isilweth. Thanks to my beta-reader htbthomas for reining in my extravagant use of commas. For more about Kryptonian religion consult Supermanica's Krypton page.

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FIC: Watchmen (BtVS)

Title: Watchmen
Author: kangeiko
Recipient: pinch-hit for wisdom_eagle
Fandom: Buffy
Request: Giles and/or Wesley and/or and other Watchers, established or original characters - chapel service at the Academy.
Summary: Dawn attends a service and treads the fine line between faith and religion while the Knights of Byzantium proselytise.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: Child.

NB: Thanks to darlas_mom for the beta.

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Fic: If I remember thee not (BtVS)

Author: rivrea

Title: If I remember thee not

Rating: G

Summary: Five Jewish holidays that Willow Rosenberg doesn't always celebrate.

Length: > 1,800 words

Disclaimer: Not mine.

A/N: 1) Written for vampedvixen's request: "What prompted Willow to deviate from her Jewish background and become Wiccan?" I don't think this fits the prompt 100 per cent, but I sincerely hope it's close enough.

2) Vignettes set pre-show, in late season 3, early season 5, early season 7 and post-show (without comic canon) respectively.

3) Title swiped from psalm 137.


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