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Fic Master List

A master list of fics posted to the community. This fic master list will be updated as new fics are posted to the community. If you spy any fics not added to this list, please post a link in the comments.

Last updated: 04 January 2009.


Fic exchange 2008

- resolve me of all ambiguities by kangeiko (pinch-hit) for eye_of_a_cat. Who is Milo Rambaldi to Jack Bristow?

Blake's 7
- A Taste of Honey by executrix for prehistoric_sea. Jenna's Mormon faith (shared by many rebels) precludes her from terminating an unwanted pregnancy.

- Good Hunting by isilweth for rivrea. Kara prays the hymn to Artemis every night, trying to believe in divine motherhood.
- The Kindly Ones by eye_of_a_cat for anonymous_sibyl. Laura Roslin, and a deal with a prisoner.

- If I remember thee not by rivrea, written for vampedvixen. Five Jewish holidays that Willow Rosenberg doesn't always celebrate.
- Watchmen by kangeiko (pinch-hit) for wisdom_eagle. Dawn attends a service and treads the fine line between faith and religion while the Knights of Byzantium proselytise.

- Decalogue by wingsmith (pinch-hit) for decalogue. Prompt was "What sins has Brother Justin Crowe not committed, and how divine is the sister of the Anti-christ." Which pretty well sums it up.

Doctor Who
- Left Behind by alixtii for babydraco. The women behind the Time Lords, annunciationless.
- Codex by thecolourclear (pinch-hit) for alixtii. Choirs of angels, seraphim and cherubim, and Satan who rebelled against God.

- Cloth of White by secondsilk (pinch-hit) for youngest_one. Grieving, memories, and a funeral that shouldn't have happened.
- What was before by darling_lisa for azarsuerte. How a killer can become a man of God.
- Faithless by wisdomeagle for jedi_buttercup. I don't care what you believe. Just believe it.

Greek Mythology
- And they called it peace by bluerosefairy for raedbard. "Pax Romana; where they made a desolation, and they called it peace."

His Dark Materials
- Cast out of Eden by thecolourclear for eriathwen_bob. Post-Fall, the worlds adjust to the loss of the Magesterium's power.
- Nihil by wingsmith (pinch-hit) for thecolourclear. How does Will Parry build the republic of heaven?

- Pacino's Way by azarsuerte for darling_lisa. Five things Tony believes in.

- Rao's Little Cousin by ancarett (pinch-hit) for isilweth. One sunny afternoon, Clark learns something more about Krypton and his cousin, Kara.

Stargate: Atlantis
- Evidence of Things Unseen by jedi_buttercup for del_writes. Nothing in the faith of Lorne's childhood had equipped him to deal with such challenges.


Prompt Fics

Blake's 7
- From a God's Point of View by ultrapsychobrat. How difficult can it be for a god?

Drake's Venture
- The Drumhead by shimere277. Prompts no.s: 35, 36, 61, 45. Prophecy and destiny converge on a beach in Patagonia.

- Years by xdawnfirex. The first five years were the hardest.

- The light from seven hills by hossgal. Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of little children, and Dean Winchester is not his father's only son.

The West Wing
- Learning how to fly by avon7. Prompt #60. Sam, Josh, Donna and CJ in 2022.
- Nothing To Be by thecolourclear. Prompt #67. The Ziegler family and the legacy of the Holocaust.

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