January 6th, 2008


Sign-Up Post


Thanks to everyone who is participating! You will receive your assignments via e-mail on February 6th; remember, they're due March 15th and must be at least 1,000 words long. If you missed your chance to sign up for this round, feel free to join the comm, anyway, so that you can read the fic when it comes in and so that you'll know when sign-ups open again. For the especially ambitious, feel free to volunteer to pinch hit.


Sign-ups are now open!

The dates: Sign-ups are open from 6th January through to 1st February. Assignments will go out on 6th February, and fics (minimum length 1,000 words) will be due on 15th March.

The rules: Clearly, leaving this open to all fandoms that ever existed is a recipe for disaster. To save our sanity, we have therefore compiled a list of core fandoms, and an ever-increasing list of wildcard fandoms.

You can make up to 6 different requests, at least 3 of which must be in the core fandoms. This is to give us a greater chance of matching people up. The other 3 requests can be in any other unlisted fandom. As people request wildcards, we will add them to the list. If you are keen on writing/reading a fic in a wildcard fandom, please do encourage other people to participate, to increase the chances for that fandom!

Please also list as many fandoms as you would be able to write in (at least 3 in the core fandoms), especially any wildcard ones already requested.

The listed (core) fandoms: Buffy, Angel, Babylon 5, West Wing, Firefly, Doctor Who, Heroes, BSG

Others (wildcards): Life on Mars, Rome, Red Dwarf, LOST, House M.D., Smallville, Supernatural, Carnivale, Deadwood, ST:DSN, XMM, His Dark Materials, Baby-Sitters Club, Studio 60, Charmed, Jossverse RPF, Greek Mythology, Blakes 7, Homicide, The Wire, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Stargate: Atlantis, Andromeda, Friday Night Lights, Chronicles of Narnia, Mysterious Ways, NCIS, Silmarillion, Bible, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Cupid, Harry Potter, Wrestling, Profit, Number the Stars, Addams Family, Alias.
These will be added to as people request them.

Sign-ups should look like the following:

Name/LJ: kangeiko
Email: kangeiko [at] gmail [dot] com

Request 1: West Wing: Zoey Bartlet. Her father's faith is not her own.
Request 2: Angel: Connor. After he regains his memories, Connor tries to realign his understanding of the world.
Request 3: BSG: Kara Thrace, Laura Roslin. S1/2 - Laura Roslin's illness makes her glow a little brighter with every passing day.
Request 4: Wildcard Red Dwarf: Cat. The Cat has trouble putting together Dave Lister, slob, with Cloister, God.
Request 5: Wildcard Life on Mars: Sam, Gene. Racial and religious tension in 1973 Manchester.
Request 6: Wildcard Rome: Lucius Vorenus, his children. Lucius wants to take back a curse.

Will write: Angel, Buffy, Firefly, Babylon 5, West Wing, and wildcards: Life on Mars, Rome, Deadwood, ST:DSN, Carnivale.

Will not write: Nothing, I'm all good.


Any questions? Contact the mods here.
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Claims List

The claims list is now open!

This is the on-going claims list, and is separate from the fic exchange. To stake a claim to any prompt, simply comment below.

The Rules: You can claim up to five prompts, which can be used in 1-5 fics, as you choose. Please note that there is a minimum word count of 1,000 words per fic. If you want a prompt that someone else has claimed, you can still have it, provided that it is for a different character. See the FAQ for more details.

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