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Nine Billion Names was conceived on September 26th, 2007 and subsequently developed by kangeiko, with help from darlas_mom over the course of one very long e-mail thread.

The title, Nine Billion Names, comes from the short story "Nine Billion Names for God" by Arthur C. Clarke. No infringement is intended.

The layout was made by darlas_mom, with copious help from evening_muse and several tutorials and bug fixes from s2styles. All graphics were made by darlas_mom, using screencaps and/or scans from Screencap Paradise, Leave Me The White, Still Flying, POTC: Dead Man's Chest, Annon nan Galadh, Hyphen Magazine,, cap_it, evening_muse amd lady1raven.

Several icons, however, were made and donated by evening_muse, lady1raven and runcible.

All resources were collected by darlas_mom and kangeiko, with contributions from:

- bitter_crimson
- bluerosefairy
- green_wing
- mabus101
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