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Atticus (as if I could be anything else)

Fic: Codex; for alixtii (Pinch-hit)

Title: Codex
Fandom: Doctor Who/Catholic Tradition
Characters: Reinette, hierarchy of angels, Satan, God,
Word count: 1577
Rating: PG-13 for thematic
Spoilers: 2.04, The Girl in the Fireplace.
Notes: This was written for alixtiiPrompt was: Reinette. Choirs of angels, seraphim and cherubim, and Satan who rebelled against God.
Warnings: I took the Catholic Tradition of God (and Satan) and turned them on their heads to mesh it with the world of Doctor Who. God more so than Satan. God in this story is not all-powerful within the reaches of the Universe. I'm just going to put that out there in case anyone decides to get good and offended. It's not meant in any way to be offensive, but if you get iffy about that stuff, don't read.

( Codex )
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